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Some of the pictures on this website are graphic and may upset you. Though they're unpleasant, we feel it's important to show them so you can fully understand the challenges facing us in the course of our work.
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Horse rescue for North Devon

When a horse owner had to emigrate, he was desperate to find new homes for two beloved animals.
He’d searched southern England, but with his departure fast approaching, still hadn’t found anything suitable…

Then he discovered our local charity, and our horse rescue service. With days to go before he left, we collected the two horses with our horse rescue unit and subsequently rehomed them. The man, though sad, flew to Australia with the knowledge that his animals were in safe hands…

We’re here for horse rescue

Imagine being in the same position, or what you’d do if you knew about horses and ponies in distress. That’s what we’re here for, and why the NDAA occasionally does horse rescue.

Since we started in 2002, we’ve rescued, cared for, rehabilitated and rehomed many horses at our own facility or at other horse rescue centres. Indeed, our former mascot, Misty was living proof of how effective our equine rescue services can be.

How you can help

It’s sad when circumstances, an accident or cruelty makes equine rescue and homing necessary. Fortunately, for every uncaring person there are thousands like you who love horses, ponies and donkeys. You’re the ones who support our work and help us by reporting distressed animals. Without your support, we simply couldn’t continue to offer our horse and pony rescue service.

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Here’s how you can help us:

  • Report injured or mistreated horses,
    ponies and donkeys
  • Volunteer in one of our animal rescue centres
  • Help with fundraising or make a donation
  • Help in our charity shops
  • Leave us (and the horses) a legacy

Contact us now

Please read on for more information about the NDAA. Or if you’d like to help with horse rescue, please contact us.