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Some of the pictures on this website are graphic and may upset you. Though they're unpleasant, we feel it's important to show them so you can fully understand the challenges facing us in the course of our work.
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Exotic pet rescue for North Devon

An exotic pet rescue can come when you least expect it! Imagine visiting someone you know and being given an unwanted python! That’s exactly what happened to a caring, young North Devon man. The poor snake was sick and the owner didn’t want it any more. Sadly, it was just another example of the reptile rescue service we undertake with worrying regularity. Fortunately, someone’s quick thinking got the suffering snake into safe hands…

Whether it’s an unwanted royal python, a boa constrictor dumped on Exmoor, or a dehydrated lizard in an unoccupied house, snake rescue and lizard rescue often falls to us.

We’re here for exotic pet rescue

Imagine being able to help an exotic pet in distress with a call to our emergency number. That’s what we’re here for and why we’re one of North Devon’s local exotic pet rescuers.

You can help

Whether you love lizards and snakes or they give you the creeps, they’re still amazing and deserve proper treatment. Just tell us and we’ll arrange to rescue the creature. After first aid, we’ll take it to the exotic pet refuge run by qualified zookeeper Joe de Witt.

We can’t do our work without your support. Here’s what you can do to help our exotic animal rescue work:

  • Report injured or mistreated snakes,
    lizards and other exotics
  • Volunteer in one of our animal rescue centres
  • Help with fundraising
  • Help in our charity shops
  • Leave a legacy to help our exotic pet rescue work
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Contact us now

Please read on to learn more. If you think you could support exotic pet rescue in North Devon, please contact us now.