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Some of the pictures on this website are graphic and may upset you. Though they're unpleasant, we feel it's important to show them so you can fully understand the challenges facing us in the course of our work.
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Dog rescue in North Devon

The one-day-old puppy, a delightful fluffy bundle, was unwanted by a breeder. He’d been cast out simply because he wasn't a pedigree pup. Fortunately, with only hours before he was due to be put to sleep, we were called and Max was saved. Dog rescue in Devon doesn’t get much more rewarding than that and you could help us…

Dog rescue:
when it’s worse than a ‘dogs life’

For most owners, Fido or Prince really is their best friend. Unfortunately, even for the cutest, most loyal hound, things sometimes go wrong: owners have to move to homes where pets aren’t allowed; unemployment makes vet fees unaffordable, or the gentlest, damp-nosed little puppy is treated with unimaginable cruelty.

Dog rescue in Devon all year round

That’s why our work so often involves dog rescue, and why we run one of the dog rescue centres in Devon. From Pekinese to German Shepherds, and travellers’ dogs to pampered lap dogs, our dog rescue experts are on-call for the county’s unloved, unwanted, sick or injured pooches.

No surprises in dog rescue

Never a day goes by without several calls to our animal ambulance or dog rescue centres requesting help. We rescue dogs and puppies from cliff tops and fairground car parks, from busy main roads and from owners who simply don’t want to take their ‘family pet’ on holiday with them! Sadly, local dogs’ lives aren’t always happy ones.

Local dog rescue needs your support

Our work as a North Devon dog rescue organisation continues, as it has since 2002. But because we’re only a small local charity, we always need support. None of our team is paid. Everything they do is voluntary. We need your help to keep helping the dogs.

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Could you help us?

Could you give a few hours a week to look after animals at our Barnstaple dog rescue centre? Or maybe you could offer one of our rescued dogs a secure new home? We’ve often got wonderful dogs who need new homes. If nothing else, having read our cat and dog rescue pages, perhaps you’ll donate to our work.

For more details about our dog rescue work in North Devon, to ask about homing a dog, or to offer support,
please contact us.