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Some of the pictures on this website are graphic and may upset you. Though they're unpleasant, we feel it's important to show them so you can fully understand the challenges facing us in the course of our work.
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Cats needing love and a good home

We have many animals that require rehoming. Our cats requiring new homes changes on an almost daily basis. If you are interested in giving a cat a new loving home please call us!

The Charity has taken the decision to stop the publication of photos and details of pets needing re-homing.

This decision as been reached as we believe that this kind of advertising frequently attracts the wrong sort of person. The bulk of pets we have taken in are from owners who had impulsively obtained them from websites such as Facebook and Ebay (often advertised as free to good homes). After having the pet for a very short time the impulsive buyer is unable to cope realising too late the needs and requirements of a pet sharing their home and then require to have it re-homed immediately.

If you are interested in offering a home to a needy pet, please contact Chris Steer for dogs (01271 858952) and Pauline Bussell for cats and small furries (01271 323740) who will be happy to discuss your requirements and give advice on the suitability and needs of different types and breeds that are available for re-homing. If you are interested, an opportunity to meet suitable pets will be arranged prior to a home check.

The Charity wishes to maintain its good name and it is always our absolute priority to find the right pet for the right person. Just photographs and compassionate stories are not sufficient to make an assessment as to the suitability of a new pet for a new owner. We rely on personal recommendations and those of Vets and Animal Welfare Societies etc and not on advertising.