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Some of the pictures on this website are graphic and may upset you. Though they're unpleasant, we feel it's important to show them so you can fully understand the challenges facing us in the course of our work.
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Animal adoption in North Devon

When we saved ‘lucky Lucy’ from a violent, untimely death, it was her adopters' love and our animal adoption experience with that gave another dog the new home she deserved.

Just imagine how rewarding it would be if you could give a needy animal a loving new home. We’re always looking for caring animal lovers who can give long-term commitment to adopt animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, goats, geese and horses – and even the occasional exotic.

Your local animal adoption charity

Our Misty Centre, special care unit and boarding kennels are three of the animal adoption centres in North Devon. Even though we’re just a small local charity, hundreds of animals pass through our hands each year and many are then adopted. Many successful adoptions come after people like you learn about us in the media or online. Not surprising when this website is one of the county’s leading animal adoption websites.

What does animal adoption involve?

So how do you go about adopting a rescue animal? First, you need to think very carefully about whether you can offer the long-term commitment that’s required. Although we guarantee to take animals back if adoption doesn’t work out, our ideal vision of animal adoption is for the animal’s life. And of course, adoption isn’t right for everyone.

If you could fulfil this role, please contact us for a chat. Maybe you have an idea about the kind of animal you could adopt? Or perhaps you have special facilities, such as a lake or stables, that would suit one of our more unusual adoptees. Either way, we’d like to hear from you.

Further expansion

In 2013, thanks to Market Vets’ continued generosity, the capacity of our little animal hospital will increase further. We’ll also be launching free animal welfare clinics there. It’s just another stage in the continued growth made possible by support from animal lovers like you.

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NOTE: all rehoming is subject to
an NDAA home check

Contact us for more information

If we’ve got a suitable animal, we’ll go through a thorough pre-adoption process (including a home check). Only then will we arrange for you to have the animal.

Interested? For more information or to register as a possible animal adopter, please contact us.