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Some of the pictures on this website are graphic and may upset you. Though they're unpleasant, we feel it's important to show them so you can fully understand the challenges facing us in the course of our work.
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The North Devon Animal Ambulance

Welcome to the website of the North Devon Animal Ambulance (NDAA), one of South West England’s local
animal welfare charities – a voluntary organisation with no paid staff.

Animal Welfare North Devon
Animal Welfare
We're regularly involved when the county's animals are in distress. We educate people through visits to shows, schools and homes for the elderly
Wildlife Rescue North Devon
Animal Rescue North Devon
Animal Rescue
Unfortunately, too often things go wrong by accident or cruelty. And that's when our animal rescue service goes into action.
Wildlife Rescue North Devon
Animal Shelter North Devon
Animal Shelter
Since we launched our little
local charity in 2002, we've
provided emergency shelter for
hundreds of animals.
Wildlife Rescue North Devon
Animal Rehabilitiation North Devon
Animal Rehabilitation
After the rescue and first aid comes rehabilitation: days, weeks or months
of painstaking care from our volunteer team.
Wildlife Rescue North Devon
Animal Rehoming North Devon
Animal Rehoming
As one of the region's local animal rehoming centres, we usually have a selection of animals needing secure, loving homes.
Wildlife Rescue North Devon
Animal Adoption North Devon
Animal Adoption
Even though we're just a small local charity, hundreds of animals pass through our hands each year and many of them are then adopted.
Wildlife Rescue North Devon
Wildlife Rescue North Devon
Wildlife Rescue
Whether it’s an abandoned fox cub, a hedgehog trapped in a discarded can, or an injured badger, we rescue North Devon wildlife.
Wildlife Rescue North Devon
Animal Hospital North Devon

Animal ambulance services since 2002

With your support, our little charity has been caring for North Devon's animals since 2002. That was when we started the North Devon Animal Ambulance around one of our founding trustees' kitchen table. Little did we know how our dream and the small pile of cash we threw onto the table would develop into services such as the following:

Supported by animal lovers like you

Over the years, supported by animal lovers like you, we’ve rescued, cared for, rehabilitated and rehomed many domestic and wild animals and birds, often under traumatic, heartbreaking circumstances. When changed fortunes, accident, nature’s vagaries and human cruelty turn animals’ lives upside down, the North Devon Animal Ambulance is there. We’ll help seven days a week, 365 days a year. And there’s more…

More than just another animal charity

We’re more than just another small animal charity. When we help animals, there’s usually a benefit for humans too. We’re an animal ambulance charity that also helps people.

Since our modest foundation, and with the support of local people, the media and generous benefactors, we’ve obtained an animal ambulance, opened our Misty Centre animal shelter and set up a special care unit in Barnstaple. Our 12-page quarterly newsletter goes to hundreds of supporters. And as of January 2013, we’re running free animal care clinics. We help the local community in all sorts of ways…

Helping North Devon’s animals in big and small ways

If you run a care home for the elderly, we’ll come and talk to your residents. At the other end of the animal welfare spectrum, we run local neutering campaigns that help shape better futures for North Devon’s cats and dogs. We’ll try to help if you can’t afford vet fees. And, though we’re only a small local charity, we play our part in regional animal welfare issues – such as working with the feral goats in the Valley of the Rocks.

If you’ve ever seen the terror in the eyes of a traumatised animal, you’ll understand how rewarding it is to rescue them, find them a new, loving home or return them to the wild. Here’s how you can help us put the sparkle back in those pleading eyes…

Animal Rescue North Devon
Please Help Us

Providing the North Devon Animal Ambulance service takes time, money and continued support from people and organisations like you.

Please browse our website, look deep into the eyes of the animals – then dig deep in your heart and your pocket and help us however you can.

Thank you.

Diana Lewis
Founding Trustee (North Devon Animal Ambulance)